P3DN Business Matching & SME Expo

In Nusa Dua area of Bali Island, the GoI carried out a business matching event for three days (22-24 March 2022) between Ministries, Govt Institutions, and Local Government on one side, and national industries and SME on the other side. This event also exhibited some national industry associations (organised by Ministry of Industry) and SME (organised by Ministry of Coop & SME).

I will write about the business matching some other time. But the exhibition itself is interesting. Here we displayed nationwide technology-focused entrepreneurs, scoping from weaponry simulation, health facility instruments, tools for agroindustry, and many others.

The Minister of Coop & SME, Mr Teten Masduki, personally visited and talked to the local entrepreneurs. He emphasise the importance of the local industry to improve the quality and production capacity to match the market demand. Also, for the platforms like PADI UMKM, he addressed that such system should be used as a gateway for SMEs to be listed at national industry catalogue to be linked to the market where Ministries etc are targeted to spend 500 trillion rupiah this year.

Ecosystem-Based Logistics Business

One of the activities organised in Indonesia Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 iw a business talk carried out today, with an actually exciting topics: Telkom Digital — From Siloes to Ecosystem Platform: Simplifying Digitally-Connected Logistics Ecosystem.

The talk presented yours truly as the clumsy moderator, and the excellent speakers: Mr Saiful Hidayat and Mr Natal Iman Ginting from Telkom Indonesia, Mr Norman Defryzal from Bank Mandiri, Mr Gemilang Tarigan from Aptrindo, and Takao Omori-san the Presdir of NPCT1.