Agricultural transformation is a great technological and business opportunities with huge challenges and risks, requiring strategic-level collaboration or alliance in aggregating the capabilities, resources, while sharing the business risks that may occur.

Scala, a Japanese digital enterprise aiming to enhance the prosperity of mankind through digital technology development, has requested since last year to be the strategic partner of Telkom Indonesia in developing digital platform-based agricultural business transformation. We have spent months — days and nights — to discuss the aspects of technology development, business arrangement, ecosystem empowerment, etc for this strategic alliance preparation. Today, 1 April 2024, the representative of Scala BOD has signed the Agreement with EVP of Telkom’s Digital Business & Technology.

After the signing, we will follow up the agreement with some piloting (also in Leadership Transformation called the quick-wins) as a foundation for the collaborative transformation framework. We’ll see in the next months.

  • 2024-04-01

Rice harvesting at Mekargading village, Sliyeg, Indramayu.

Pak Maman, the rice field owner.

Rice threshing at Tambi Lor village, Sliyeg.

We are out standing in the field.

  • 2019-04-06

H.E. President of the Republic of Indonesia, paid a visit to our IRC in Sliyeg Indramayu while also announcing the Corporated Agriculture program.


  • 2018-06-07

Final inspection to our IRC in Sliyeg before Presidential visit. We re-checked the machines, the building, the environment, etc.

Today, we got some visits from some military & governmental agencies, to check our preparations to the event.


  • 2018-06-04

On-site meeting at Majasari village to speed up the preparation of agricultural processing facilities in sub-district Sliyeg of Indramayu.

  • 2018-03-31

Some surveys to find the best location for building a crops processing centre for our Agricultural Empowerment program (including Agricultural Digitalisation). The surveys were conducted in Indramayu, including the sub-districts of Sliyeg, Jatibarang, and Haurgeulis.

  • 2018-02-06