As a part of the IEEE President visit to Indonesia, the IEEE Indonesia Section co-organise with TVRI, an on-air discussion titled the IEEE ASEAN Roundtable on Climate Change.

As one of the speaker, I explored the opportunity of using currently available or currently developed technology to reduce and overcome the impact of the climate change. Climate change is always one of the motivations behind many collaborative innovations in the development of technology and technology-based business.

In more applicative approach in the industry, the paradigm of of ecosystem-based business growth has motivated enterprises to share capabilities, resources, opportunities, so they can reduce the cost and risk, while also reduce the cost for the environment by many sharing methods used in business ecosystems, facilitated by massive digitalisation that enables process and capabilities to be modularised, reused, integrated, improved, and orchestrated among collaborative or event competitive businesses.

More about this event: [URL]

  • 2023-10-27

Batik Day a.k.a. Hari Batik Nasional is a national observance celebrated in Indonesia on October 2nd each year. The day is dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage and artistry of batik, which is a traditional Indonesian fabric that is created using a wax-resistant dyeing technique. Batik has a long history in Indonesia and holds significant cultural and artistic importance.

On Batik Day, people across Indonesia, including government officials, students, and the general population, including yours truly, often wear batik clothing to celebrate the cultural significance of this traditional art form.

Batik Day was officially designated as a national day in 2009, recognising the importance of batik as an integral part of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. This celebration not only honours the craftsmanship and creativity of batik artisans but also fosters a sense of national pride and unity in Indonesia.

Question: Why do I collect batik designed with the stylisation of birds, instead of other animals?
Anwer: Ravenclaw

  • 2023-10-02

Today I attended a zoominar discussing business opportunities and challenges between Indonesia and Russia amid the current crises. The organiser is Inaris Forum, and the speakers were the representatives from the government and business.

Before Russian invasion to Ukraine last year, the economic relationship between Indonesia and Russia had been developing steadily, although the total trade was relatively small. According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, the total bilateral trade volume between the two countries in 2020 was valued at approximately US$ 2.62 billion, with Indonesia recording a trade surplus of around US$ 400 million.

The total value of exports from Indonesia to Russia in 2020 was approximately US$ 1.25 billion, while the value of imports from Russia to Indonesia was around USD 1.37 billion. The biggest export from Indonesia to Russia was palm oil, which accounted for around 57% of total Indonesian exports to Russia. Other significant exports from Indonesia to Russia included rubber, coffee, tea, and textiles. Russia’s main exports to Indonesia were wheat, coal, aluminium, and fertilisers.

  • 2023-04-14

Welcome to Tegal Mas Island in Lampung Province. Here we were attending the June edition of Gernas BBI, organised by Ministry of Industry and the Indonesian top brands, including Telkom Indonesia.

This event was attended by Coord Minister of Maritime & Investment, Mr Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, as the key speaker.

The main event here — at least for me personally — was the Coordinative Meeting (Rakor) of P3DN program, also led by Mr Luhut. Here Telkom got more roles in the nationwide P3DN program, after proving our commitment to the program in the last months. We’ll talk about it later, but not here. This is not my main blog, anyway :).

On the Garuda flight home, I got a seat just beside Mr Sudarto, the Advisor of the Minister of Finance. We spent about 30 minutes of the flight between Lampung and Jakarta on the continuation of this program; and the sustainability of the program in general.

  • 2022-06-24

September 2022 edition of BBI will be carried out in North Maluku — a province surrounding Northern Moluccas islands. Northern Moluccas was once a central source of global trade even since the Roman era. But currently the economy of this area is not so significant comparing to other areas. With this BBI program, we intend to leverage the MSME economy in these islands.

The campaign manager of this program is The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendesa PDTT). The leader for this program is Ms Harlina Sulistyorini, the DG of Economy Development & Investment.

Telkom will support this program by providing MSME build up program (in collaboration with BNI and other state-owned enterprises) integrated with digital business transformation for the MSME, and a virtual expo to display and promote curated MSME products.

  • 2022-06-08
The New Avenger, May 2022 Edition

The third P3DN Business Matching was carried out at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, 30-31 May 2022. The lead of this program is the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, led by the General Secretary, Mr Mohammad Zainal Fatah. He was my mentor in 1990s, but unfortunately we were very busy during this event so we could not talk to each other.

Mr Soendojoadi presented Telkom’s significant & critical roles in P3DN program

Telkom got involved not only as a potential buyer (as a SOE), but also as a provider to offer import-substitution products to Ministries, Institutions, Local Govts, and other SOEs. Besides the business negotiation, we also set a booth displaying digital products, services, and solutions for government & communities.

Telkom’s Booth

We also reported Telkom’s progress to all the P3DN programs (platform integration, MSME build up, MSME listing to the e-Catalog, SOE domestic product purchasing leverage, etc) to Mr Odo Manuhutu, the Deputy of Tourism & Creative Economy Coordination, Kemkomarves. Kemkomarves is the coordinator of all the BBI & P3DN program; reporting directly to the President of Indonesia.

With Mr Odo Manuhutu, the Deputy of Tourism & Creative Economy Coordination, Kemkomarves (30 May)
  • 2022-05-31

TEMS — or the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society — is an IEEE society with a mission to advance, enhance, and improve essential management and leadership knowledge and skills of IEEE members.

The IEEE TEMS Regional Leaders Subcommittee carried out its 1st meeting this year today, with a new team. This meeting was led by Mohamed Aboud, the VP for Membership Development. The TEMS President, Ravikiran Annaswamy, addressed the meeting.

The meeting aims to leverage the program to leverage the TEMS activities in wider areas, and to improve collaborations among TEMS members in engineering management and leadership field. Our field of interest encompasses the management sciences and practices required for defining, implementing, and managing engineering and technology. Specific topics of interest include technology policy development, assessment, and transfer; research; product design and development; manufacturing operations; innovation and entrepreneurship; program and project management; strategy; education and training; organisational development and human behavior; transitioning to management; and the socioeconomic impact of engineering and technology management.

  • 2022-05-21

Bukittinggi is a small historical and cultural city in West Sumatra province. It was once appointed as the provisional capital of Indonesia when the criminal armed forces of the Netherlands occupied Yogyakarta (i.e. also the provisional capital of Indonesia). The elegant city is located amidst Bukit Barisan mountain, just between Mt Marapi dan Mt Singgalang — giving it a perfect weather, at least for me.

Bukittinggi hosted BBI this month, organised by OJK. It was a special BBI event, since it was attended by the Vice President of Indonesia, and it hosted the launch of the awaited BBI Virtual Expo, designed and provided by Telkom.

The event was carried out at the courtyard of Jam Gadang — the famous clock tower of Bukittinggi.

  • 2022-04-18